How to use Form 941c. Form 941c is not an amended return and must never be filed separately. You must make adjustments on the return for example Form 941 for the period during which you prior period. When filing Form 843 attach Form 941c or an equivalent statement. If you did not file a return for one or more return periods do not use Form 941c to report the information. Instead file the required returns. File Form 941c with Form 941 for this period. Do not show the return period s being...
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Who Needs Form 941c?

Form 941 is created for taxpayers who have previously filed Forms 941, 941-M, 941-SS, 943, 944, 944-SS, 945 or 843. The form isn’t filed separately. It needs to be filed together with any of the forms listed above.

What is Form 941c for?

Form 941c is called Supporting Statement to Correct Information and serves to provide supporting information to particular sections of earlier filed forms. These sections are: adjustments to income, social security and medicare taxes. Form 941c isn’t used for current adjustments. It is not required for group-term life insurance or sick pay adjustments for third parties. An important fact is that Form 941c isn’t considered to be an amendment return. Therefore it can’t be filed separately. This is a kind of attachment to the form it supports.

Is Form 941c Accompanied by Other Forms?

The Supporting Statement to Correct Information is always attached to the form its supports. You can make as many adjustments as needed. Suppose you have submitted several returns that need correction. If that is the case, use 941c form for each form.

When is Form 941c Due?

According to the rules, a taxpayer is allowed to make adjustments within three years after a tax return’s due date or the day it was filed.

How do I Fill out Form 941c?

In total the form consists of five parts but not all of them need to be filled out. It depends on a taxpayer’s tax situation. However, at the very least, one needs to provide their name, telephone number and Employer Identification number. Part 1 should be completed with adjustments for overpayments only. If the adjustments are underpayments, there is no need to fill out part 1.

Part 2 accounts the federal income tax withholding. Part 3 is designed for Social Security tax adjustment. In part 4 provide Medicare tax adjustments. Part 5 contains fillable fields for additional explanations for the adjustments.  

Where do I Send Form 941c?

Once ready, Form 941c is sent to the IRS either by mail or electronically.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing irs form 941 c
Instructions and Help about 941c for form

Tax form 941 also known as the employers quarterly federal tax return it's typically used by most small businesses this video or the series of videos is going to show you how to fill out quarterly federal tax return the first thing you'll need to do is to fill in the personal information that personal information involves filling in your employer identification number and in case you're not familiar with the employer identification number it's a nine digit number that the federal government uses to identify you as an employer who is subject to tax withholding and reporting it also ensures that your business receives the proper credit for payments of taxes withheld it's kind of like having a social security number for your business now if you don't have one you need to get one an EIN can easily be obtained by applying for one on the IRS website and completing the ein form SS - four will make sure that there is a link at the bottom of this video so you're going to want to fill in your employer identification number as well as your name and after that you're going to want to also fill in your trade name or also business name is another word for it and your business address now if you take a look at the example that we have on the screen we've already gone ahead and we've done that we've put in the ein and all the other personal information the next thing you're going to want to do is you're going to want to select the appropriate reporting period or the appropriate calendar quarter for the for the period that you're filing for in this case we have checked quarter number three or period number three which would be July August and September now the rest of this video is going to step you through the five parts and the 18 steps on this federal form and it's going to show you how to fill it out and we'll get started with the other parts in a second